I am on my penultimate day here in Santiago del Estero..

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… as tomorrow at 19.15 hrs local time I set off on stage 1 of my homeward journey, heading to Buenos Aires where I shall remain until Saturday, 17th October before boarding my flight home at 13.15 hours.


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Looking back over the past 23 days since setting foot here in SdE I am grateful to God for all His Goodness to me by bringing me here safely and providing me with good health. This visit has been quite a surprising and good one, firstly because I was able to attend the JUnTOS campaign to see God at work in many lives.  Those, young and not so young, who belong to Him were really active over the 3 days through being involved in so many practical ways, plus the preaching of God’s Word touched many hearts of people who then responded to the given invitations.  One can only hope and pray that each one in responding will have been genuine and will so grow in the knowledge of God and become effective witnesses too.

I have had the privilege and pleasure to visit several rural areas such as Cuyoj, Beltrán, Clodomira and Arraga plus a number of visits here in the provincial Capital.  I’ve had good reports back from my visit to the State School “Juan Domingo Perón” and excellent feedback from parents of the children.  I’ve also received news that a number of the pupils, boys and girls, whom I spoke to have decided to progress into their secondary studies at the Escuela Industrial that I attended in the years 1950-57.

I was also invited to speak to a class of teenagers at the “Big Ben” Anglo-Argentine School of English.  I communicated to them in English and any questions they had were to be spoken in English as well!!  It was quite entertaining!!  I also had the pleasure of telling any students who arrived late to the class to say to them, “You are late!”.  This was quite hilarious because those already present couldn’t stop giggling at my orders!

This past Saturday it was a joy for me to attend a relatively new project, “Portal de Belén” (Hallway to Bethlehem) in a very poor area of the provincial Capital.  Numbers attending unfortunately were low, some 8 present, because of political meetings taking place in the run up to the forthcoming presidential elections.  Parents insisted in taking their kids to these prearranged meetings in order to get financial aid and sometimes food!  It seems to be the only way politicians can get reasonable audiences by offering gratuities to people if they attend.

There have been interesting talks and discussions some with positive outcomes and others with potential developments.  I have also talked with people who in the very near future are to visit London either as tourists or students and were seeking advice. Two who will be making the visit are teachers of English and another two, sisters, plan to spend 3 months in London studying English.

Of course I must not forget the excellent social aspects of my visit where almost every night I was either at someone’s home for dinner or at local restaurants.  My efforts in trying to balance my food intake meant that lunchtime meals were often fruit or soup and on the odd day I went without a midday meal!!!

Weatherwise, it has been mixed, two to three days the temperature reached the middle 30’s Centigrade but on the whole, it has been cloudy/overcast and quite cool sometimes.  Very strange for this part of the world even though it is Springtime here!!!

There is much more I could add but will stop now and make plans to get my luggage ready before having to say my farewells to these lovely people of Santiago del Estero.  I can truly say it has been a memorable visit and look forward to my next trip!!! Until my next visit this is the end of my Blogs for the time being!!


  • Wonderful to hear how you have been blessed on this trip! May you know God’s presence as you make the long homeward journey. . Much love to all the family in SdE.

    God Bless


  • So good to read of your happy time in SdE.
    Safe travels and we can’t hear all about it in person
    Angie & Tim

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