Rodney Bennett Born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, the second eldest of five siblings to missionary parents working under the auspices of the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission in that country.The family having travelled home to settle in Northern Ireland in 1957 it was some 37 years before Rodney re-visited the country and while there he experienced the great poverty throughout the province of his birth which motivated him to create, The Esperanza Trust (Argentina) in 1997.Rodney has been retired for some years but had a career in Scientific Research and Information Consultancy following studies at Queen’s University in Belfast. In the latter part of his career he was the Chief Executive of a National Charity working with vulnerable young people, ex-offenders and the elderly and finally, as a private décor consultant.
Robert Lucas Robert visited Santiago province in Argentina in 2005 and 2010 and found the people open and friendly. He saw that there was so much potential within the country that could be capitalised on if only a decent education could become available for more of young people . He believes that Esperanza is making a difference. He has been a Trustee since 2006.Robert is a part retired Chartered Surveyor
Tim Vincent Tim first went to Argentina in October 2007 and saw at first hand the poverty in the rural area of Santiago del Estero. But also saw the hope that the Esperanza Trust brings through visiting the various projects underway at that time. Tim became a trustee in 2008.Tim works as a Product Manager at Oracle, a US software and hardware company. And is responsible for the Esperanza Trust web site.
Angela Vincent Angela Vincent Angie was fortunate to spend time in Santiago del Estero during 2007.  She was privileged to visit many of the projects supported by The Esperanza Trust.  Visiting schools and meeting students sponsored by Esperanza was a moving experience for Angie.   During her visit she regularly witnessed the hope, positivity and creativity of the people of SdE and for whom the support of The Esperanza Trust really had made a difference.   Angie was delighted to be asked to become a Trustee in 2008.Angie works as a Cancer Information Nurse Specialist at Macmillian Cancer Support


Council of Reference

Rev Robert Amess, BA BTh MPhil, Rev Dr Steve Brady, Mr Kenneth Dickinson MB FRCS, Rev Norman Sinclair FSCA ALBC

Local Representatives

Argentina: Jorge L Salum, J.S. Automoviles,  Calle La Plata 840, 4200 Santiago del Estero, Argentina, South America

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