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The Esperanza Trust (Argentina) – whose strap-line is ‘Making a Difference’ is a registered charity, No. 1090211. Set up in 1997 it is a UK based voluntary Christian charity with a mission to seek to meet the immense material, social and spiritual needs prevalent in Santiago del Estero and works solely throughout this province in collaboration with evangelical churches and Christian groups. The Trust provides financial support, practical assistance and where requested, advice in the setting up of appropriate sustainable projects. In other words, its aim is to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways through the development of Christian projects for the benefit of the community to alleviate poverty and its effects, initiated and led by locals but supported by the Trust.

The Trust relies on the generosity of those who are willing to support its work financially.

Specific areas of interest include education, primarily through the provision of scholarships/grants. This enables children to attend school who otherwise would not have that privilege and hopefully this will prepare and provide them with an opportunity, in the long term, to obtain employment. Currently over 100 children at three schools are supported in their education.

Assistance is also given in the construction of school buildings, multi-purpose halls, recreational facilities, training in work skills and business development. In extreme emergencies the Trust will assist in providing food especially for children.
The Trust would normally provide up to 75% of the capital required for the development of any one project. But in the likelihood of a project failing to be completed or not getting started due to the absence of local funds the Trust would consider funding the whole project if its sustainability could be guaranteed.

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