The Zanjon project, based around some 5 miles from the provincial capital city of Santiago del Estero, provides physical, social, and spiritual help, in the main, to poor communities in that area.  As can be seen in the video many poor children live around there and in addition, a bus transports children from a nearby orphanage to the weekly gatherings.

The partly constructed building requires further funding for its completion and adjacent to it is a large open area on which sports take place.  Local professionals are giving of their free time to train children in the game of hockey with the aim of eventually fielding a team that could compete in a provincial league.  The open area will eventually be upgraded into a playing field for such sports as football, volley-ball, hockey, etc.

Esperanza has been supporting this project from the beginning and continues to do so. Hope you enjoy the video and if you wish to support this work it can be done online by making your donation via ‘Virgin Money Giving’ or the ‘BigGive.’


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