Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision for the community in Santiago del Estero, Argentina is:

  • The eradication of poverty, sickness and distress.
  • The availability and establishment of education for the poor and deprived.
  • The eradication of poor health and the establishment of healthcare for the poor and deprived.
  • The development of a thriving and dynamic Christian religion.

Core Values

The values that are most important to us are:

  • Christian foundation and principles
  • Compassion and love for the poor and deprived
  • Responding proactively to social and physical needs
  • Education and training: keys to the development of communities
  • Providing financial resources and support direct to areas of need
  • Visiting Santiago del Estero and team working with local leaders
  • Empowering and enabling the needy to help themselves
  • Professional management of donations and grants
  • Maximising funds for grants by maintaining low operating costs
  • Relevant experience and expertise of Trustees

How we do things and services we offer

The Trust seeks to achieve its mission and vision by means of the following services.

Values, Passionate Commitment and Professional Expertise

The Trustees have core values and a passionate commitment to realising the Trust’s mission.  Coupled with these the Trustees possess an extensive range of professional expertise and experience well suited to serve the interests of the Trust and those wishing to support it financially or in any other practical way.

Understanding the Needs and Keeping People Informed

The Trustees believe that there is no better way of understanding the need than by personally visiting the province, and a number of them do so periodically at no cost to the Trust.  The Trustees believe strongly in the support of locally appointed representatives with whom they are in regular contact. And keeping abreast of the general situation in the province in order to develop the activities of the Trust and keep people informed.

Evaluating, Approving, Funding and Monitoring Community Projects

The Trust typically receives requests for grants for poverty, education, and health projects from people in the province. All such requests are carefully evaluated, including financial assessment by the Trustees in UK and representatives in the province. Funds are released for projects that are approved and the projects are monitored subsequently in UK and the province to ensure they are implemented successfully.

Effective Use of Donations, Fundraising and Legacy Management

The Trust relies on the generosity of those wishing to support the work financially and places the utmost importance on using any gifts to best effect. Accordingly, such donations are used and managed in the most cost effective and value adding way, and channelled to the appropriate activities in Santiago del Estero by the Trustees, all of whom give their support freely. The Trustees and volunteers also organise fundraising events and income generating activities.  Legacies are seen as very important means of donating to the Trust.

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