Centro Comunitario Rural Evangélico, Brea Pozo

This establishment is one of five boarding schools scattered throughout marginalized inner regions of Argentina founded by the Misión Evangélica of Villa Real, Buenos Aires.  The core objectives of these rural community centres are focused on social, educational and spiritual issues.

On the social side it is to support communities in need by working with them and providing the stimulus for their development.  This is accomplished by interacting with the most vulnerable throughout the country.  In the area of education, it is to provide services of the same quality as those available in the big cities.  On the spiritual side, it is to teach spiritual and moral values and the basic principles of the Christian life whilst being careful not to exert any pressure and to respect any teachings that each child might bring from his home surroundings.

In Brea Pozo it is a primary school catering for around 100 boarders who would otherwise receive no education.  The national curriculum is strictly adhered to and in addition every effort is made to promote their development and self-esteem.  Contacts are maintained with the families and the community.

The Trust also funded the construction of a new block comprising 3 classrooms at this school as well bathroom and toilet facilities for both the boy’s and the girl’s dormitories and financial gifts to purchase items from the school’s wish list.

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