In areas of Argentina such as Santiago del Estero a child’s ability receive an education, or complete their education if at a school, is severly hampered by the poor socio-economic situations.  Families are unable to afford to send their children to school and instead they are sent out to try and earn money for the family. Only about half of all school-age children in Santiago receive an education and the vast majority of these will attend a morning or afternoon session only.

As an organisation, the Trust strongly believes that education provides the escape route from poverty and deprivation and for as little as £25 per month a child can be supported to attend school for a whole year.  With this in mind it was decided to initiate, in the 2004 academic year, a corporate scholarship scheme at three schools to provide education to 23 children.  At the Colegio Alfredo Furniss in the provincial capital 9 pupils would come under the scheme, at the Boarding School in rural Brea Pozo there would be 7 pupils with a further 7 at the William Morris School in the town of Frias.

The corporate scholarship scheme initiated in 2004 providing education for  23 pupils at the above three schools has gradually been increased year by year and 108 children will benefit from the scheme in the 2012 academic year; 58 at the Colegio Alfredo Furniss, 30 at the Brea Pozo Community Boarding School and 20 at the William Morris School in Frias.   

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