Drug Rehabilitation

A Passion to Help Young People Afflicted by Drugs

Rita Perez is a young single mum living in a poor suburb of Santiago del Estero city. In 2010 she attracted the attention of the local press because she shared her humble home with 23 young people whom she was trying to help escape from a life of abandonment and drug addiction. With the support of well-wishers and local churches, Rita has been able to convert a plot of land into an allotment for growing fruit and vegetables. The young people, in addition to counselling are receiving training in cultivation and learning bread-making skills which hopefully will equip them for life in the community when they are ready to move on.

In order to develop and accommodate her work Rita has needed further facilities, a new building to be used as a training workshop and thus free up space so she can have a private area in which to sleep with her daughter.

The Esperanza Trust is working with Rita in an effort to bring her dreams into reality. With donations of building materials and willing volunteers the first stage of a new construction project is up and ready to be roofed. However, more funds are needed to complete the task of finishing and furnishing this new development.

Apart from the development of the new building Rita has managed to get 21 of these young people (17 boys and 4 girls of ages 18-25 years) enrolled in education where they are learning to read and write. Furthermore, she has set up a foundation in her locality with the principal aim of coercing the Local Authority to create improvements in their local district, especially in the provision of electricity and water facilities.






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