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This is Tuesday morning around 9.00 a.m., it is a dull drizzly day and a little cooler than what it has been of late. People on the street are going around with jumpers and the like and here am I in my short sleeves. While passing the temperature sign at the Plaza Libertad I noticed it registered 17.5 degrees Celsius so really not that cold!!! Walking some 800 plus metres from the plaza to Jorge´s Agency without a raincoat (I didn´t bring one with me!) meant that my clothes became rather damp but no doubt they will soon dry out!!! While on my journey to the office here I passed two women at the doors of a shop and heard one of them say to the other, “está lloviendo y helando” (it is raining and freezing!!!!). I never knew that 17.5 degrees Celsius could be considered as a freezing temperature but then when the folk here are used to temperatures of nearly 50 degrees Celsius during the Summer the comments of that woman, I think, can be justified!! While coming from Fini on my way to the office this morning I called in at the local market “Armonía” and it brought back many memories from the days we lived here and where along with my brother we used to take turns in going there early in morning at our mother´s request/orders to queue to buy ice, not little cubes as one gets from their home fridges but a big block some 1 foot cubed to cool our then non-electric fridge as electric ones were few and far between and generally found in the homes of people with better financial incomes! The market is a wonderful place to tour to see the vast range of fruit and vegetables, meats, pastries and a variety of cooked foods. There is also a section devoted to caged birds happily singing away and also a wide variety of small and large fish for indoor tanks and upstairs there are many stalls selling lots of craft products as well as a vast variety of powdered spices. Really worth a visit if you ever happen to come to Santiago del Estero!!!!


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Well, what has been happening since my first Blog about a week ago!!! It has been quite a busy one and yet there have been one or two moments throughout the week when left on my own due to friends and others having commitments that I did really feel the loneliness at such a distance from home. Anyway, let´s not talk negatively but positively as there is plenty to do here.

I cannot recall if in my earlier Blog I mentioned my invitation to attend a meeting of a group of elders from a number of the churches. It went well and the chap who lead the meeting referred to times past when there was a number of live and active evangelical outreach centres scattered in certain areas of the province and which today are either dormant or have closed completely. He emphasised the need to see that these zones were revitalised by people taking a keen interest in spreading God´s Word and also to new areas within the province. Obviously, during the presentation and discussion the name of Alfred Furniss often came up and so I was able to make some comments which I believe went down positively. We will have to wait and see what developments do take place.

During the past week I also attended a Concert at the Forum venue where a Puerto Rican born Tenor gave an absolutely wonderful presentation of songs from classical as well as Christian music. I am told he ranks in the top four leading tenors in the world and is also an Ambassador for the United Nations. A fine Christian man whose name is Carlos Seise and if interested you can look up a little more about him in YouTube. He will be in London next June and he has agreed to keep in touch with me, so who knows we might be able to recruit him for an event if he has an evening to spare.

I have also been around some of the places where The Esperanza Trust (Argentina) has had, to a great extent, an input and a few more are on my agenda before my visit here comes to an end. Also throughtout the week I have met with people from different churches and groups to talk about their interests and plans for future projects and the like. This evening I have been asked to give a presentation on Esperanza/Alfred Furniss to a group who meet on a weekly basis at a centre here in the provincial Capital.

Yesterday evening I had time off visiting the family in La Banda and enjoying a good time around a table full of eats and especially with those fast growing grandchildren. David, my son, told me that their youngest, Daniel, had asked him one day if his grandfather was still alive when he was born!!! What do you think about that????? Daniel was present at the table when this was related to me and of course as well as a hilarious laugh the poor little lad was deeply embarrassed!!!

Well I´m in my last full week here in Santiago before moving south to Buenos Aires but I hope to be able to submit a final Blog before I leave here.

Thank you all for taking time to read my Blog and I hope you will have found it interesting so as to continue to pray for the people here and the work of Esperanza in its efforts to making a change for the good to the needy of this lovely province.


  • Hi Rodney.It was great to read all this news! I am very glad that you are being kept busy and not missing tings at home too much! You certainly have been busy and it is great to hear of the opportunities that you have had to share about Alfred Furniss and the work that The Esperanza Trust is doing. Where are your photographs from? Is it the project at Canal San Martin? May you know God’s blessing upon you this week during the remainder of your stay. May God be with you in the places you go to and the conversations that you have. My love to David and the family! Laura xx

    • Dear Laura,
      Thank you for your lovely and positive comments. You ask about the photos? Well they are a mixture of Canal San Martin and Zanjon.
      My last Blog could be on the website by the evening time as earlier I sent it to Tim. I leave for BsAs tonight and as I have been notifying people here of your pending visit next year with Claire they have asked me to let them know when and for how long. For example, “Cuando vienen las chicas y por cuanto tiempo?”

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