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This day, Tuesday, last week I set off from the UK on my long-hall travel to Argentina via Buenos Aires, reaching my final destination, Santiago del Estero on Thursday morning at around 9.30 a.m. where my son, David and Esperanza´s local Representative, Jorge Salum were waiting for my arrival at the Bus Terminal to give me a warm welcome back to the place of my birth. Yes, a long and tiring journey but nevertheless, a good one and was completed without any mishaps along the way!

I was only some two hours at my destination when I had to pay a visit to the Colegio Alfredo Furniss to give a talk about my grandfather Alfred Furniss to the pupils of the morning secondary section of the school. I spoke for some 20 minutes and from reports subsequently received it appears to have gone down reasonably well! Later that day I was taken by car to see the progress made on a new church being built in an area of the provincial Capital and for which our Esperanza Trust has been able to provide some financial support. A substantial progress has been made since my last visit a year ago but as material and labour costs have risen considerably the actual development has slowed somewhat however, the leaders are still hopeful that by the end of the year the congregation might be able to move in even if there is still a considerable way to go on this project.

Yesterday, Monday was a Public Holiday here and hence the vast majority of shops and commercial businesses were closed but I´m pleased to say that my favourite coffee venue, “Fini” was open and I was able to pay my regular visit as I do before coming to use the computer here at Jorge Salum´s Agency. Also yesterday it was a great pleasure for me to be an invitee at the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of the current church premises in Don Bosco and what better way to celebrate this event than with a fantastic ASADO (BBQ for the uninitiated!!). It was a great time and well attended by many church members of all ages as well as folk from other local churches. I cannot remember how many times I declined offers of more juicy tender meat and tasty salads which was then followed by a dessert of lemon flavoured ice-cream. After that event I did not need any more food for the rest of the day!!! Over the first few days of my current visit I have visited friends and have been entertained as only it can be done here, but I am doing my best to keep the diet under control otherwise, it will not be my suitcase that will be overwieght on my homeward journey!!!!!

So far no photos worth publishing with this first Blog but I´m hopeful that some might be included in later issues. Santiago del Estero is a place where friendships develop and where visitors are greatly and warmly welcomed, so much so, that you will always receive a fantastic greeting with hugs and kisses, which includes the men as well!!

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  • So glad to hear that your journey went well and that you are meeting wonderful friends and family. May God continue to pour out His blessings upon you as you bless and encourage others.

    Laura xx

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