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..as I’ve just entered my 3rd week here in Santiago del Estero! It must be due my being continually on demand from many sources that I don’t seem to find a few minutes to loiter about and relax. But I’m happy at what is taking place in a number of areas which could impact on the aims and work of The Esperanza Trust (Argentina).

The weekend on which the JUnTOS Campaign was held was in so many different ways a great success and top of the list was that some 300, if not more people, of different ages committed their lives to God which means that there is now a high priority for churches from all areas of the province who were represented at this event have the very important follow-up task of seeking to help and encourage these new Christians in their faith. In addition to the preaching and teaching over that weekend there were many practical outreaches and this is where The Esperanza Trust could play a very important part. For example, there have been talks about carrying out additional optical tests on folk in rural areas and providing, where needed, spectacles. One of the Specialists Opticians from Buenos Aires who was involved in the ophthalmological consultancy is happy to make a return visit to Santiago del Estero to carry out further tests on people. Watch this space!!!!

In other news, I had the great pleasure of extensive talks about Christian outreaches through charities operating in the province of Cordoba and elsewhere in the country and as a result I might be able to act as a go-between at one such interest looking to establish a Christian outreach in Cuba.

This past week I had the privilege of visiting the state school, “Juan Domingo Peron” invited by María Matos who is a Senior Licensed Teacher in that school as well as having many administrative duties. The school has morning and afternoon sessions with different children and I attended the latter and apart from being given a warm welcome when all children were gathered before classes began I was able to talk and encourage the 11 to 13 year old pupils in María’s class. I then spoke to each one individually to enquire what they would like to become on completing their education whatever that level may be and was utterly surprised with the responses they gave me. The vast majority of those attending this school are from poor backgrounds and yet there were those who wanted to be lawyers, nurses, architects, chiropodists, mechanics, to name a few careers and so I then gave them another short talk to congratulate them all on their dreams and to encourgae them to work at their studies because it is so important for their individual developments.

During my time here so far I have made visits to the childrens’ work at the “Canal San Martin” project where our charity already has an input in helping to finance a multi-purpose hall and dining centre. Meetings currently take place in the open air irrespective of the weather conditions. This is an area of great poverty and there are many children living here although the attendance was just over 20 the day I visited. Obviously, it is also hoped that an outreach work will be extended in due time to people of all ages. I have also made a couple of visits to the Colegio Alfredo Furniss, here in the Capital, where we sponsor some 32 children in their education and to the childrens’ outreach in Zanjon. Yesterday Sunday, I went to Cuyoj in the morning, in the afternoon to Zanjon and at night to the evening service in the main church here in the Capital.

My diary is fast filling up with invites to other projects or potential ones as well as invitations to homes for dinner. People here are very generous irrespective of their economic situations and if I don’t take care I will return home weighing more than what I was when I left on 20th September!! I have always stated that, in my eyes and heart Santiago del Estero, though it may have some lovely and interesting places, what really makes this place so special is the welcoming and friendly nature of its people!! I wish I had some video footage or photos of how I am made to feel here, you would be amazed to see the contents with huge hugs and kisses both from males as well as females and their welcoming words are always special and so moving!!!! I’m also truly grateful to Jorge Salum, our official representative here who really looks after me, provides me with a place to sleep, is a good cook, plus an excellent person to have collaborating with the Trust, based here in Santiago del Estero where our work is centred.

Hopefully, I will add another few lines prior to me leaving here in some 10 days time. With my prayerful good wishes to everyone who takes the time and trouble to read this Blog report.

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  • I can just imagine it all – lovely to see some familiar faces in CSM and Zanjon!

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