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I am back in Argentina and more precisely in, Santiago del Estero having arrived here this past Tuesday, 22nd of September. Apart from spending time recovering from the long air flight to this country and the coach journey northwards from Buenos Aires I have been making a few visits here and there. This morning I briefly visited the Colegio Alfredo Furniss and of course got a “royal welcome” as always, many of whom were surprised to see me back here again!!!

The big thing that is taking place in Santiago this week is the “JUnTOS event” (Together eve) as churches have joined together to be active in so many ways and also in spreading the Gospel. There are street walkers distributing leaflets, others interviewing passers-by, visits are being made to prisons, schools, hospitals and homes for the elderly. There are sport activities, ophthalmological tests, activities for women, displays in parks and plazas as well as singing groups and all these activities are creating much interest to the folk of this province.

Tonight, Friday, 25th at 9.30 p.m. there is a special gathering in the Forum Centre (former railway station but now a huge exhibition centre for public events) and having visited the place this morning I discovered that the hall where the meeting will take place is arranged with a capacity for 1300 in attendance and with provision to increase the seating should the need arise. So, as far as I’m concerned it is going to be a great surprise to see the place filled to capacity!!! There are people coming from different parts of the nation so it plans to be a great occasion and I’m looking forward to it.

The outdoor activities continue throughout tomorrow and will be followed by another meeting in the Forum and also one Sunday morning and night.

Weatherwise, it looks like I may have brought it from home because I landed in Buenos Aires last Monday with an overcast sky which eventually turned into a constant drizzle while I remained there until catching my coach to head northwards. I arrived in Santiago del Estero with a similar weather outlook of dark skies and drizzle but also chilly! But then again, it is only the beginning of Spring here and one can only hope the weather will improve and get a little warmer before its time for me to travel home!!!

Well, that is also for now but I hope to send some more detailed BLOGS about my time here, the place where I was born a few years ago!!!!


  • So glad to hear you have arrived safely, and to hear about everything that is going on. Claire

  • Uncle Rodney, great to hear that you have arrived safely! Pass on our greetings to all and we pray that your time in SDE will be fruitful and you will be greatly blessed! Laura

  • So pleased to hear you arrived safely. Do give our love to all who remember us. I look forward to reading more of your travels. God bless. Angie

    • Dear Angie, Many thanks for the cooment you left after my 1st Blog. There are many who still remember you and Tim as well as other team members who came in 2005 and ask how everyone is doing. There are 2 young ladies from the CAF who teach English there who are coming to London for the month of January, I believe. Will get more details from them but will be staying in Central London however, I will see that they come out our way for a visit. Un gran abrazo to you both.

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