I have arrived at my last weekend of this current visit to Santiago del Estero

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And as I look back on the month during which I have been here I thank God for the good times spent with my many friends and the varied opportunities that I have had in meeting new people who now I list them amongst my friends. But the visit has also presented great opportunities to revisit places where The Esperanza Trust (Argentina) has played a key role of help and encouragement to those finding themselves in needy situations and whose efforts continue to help such people, irrespective of age, what ever their need may be. But also looking at the needs for providing venues as well as buildings for the purposes of helping poor people physically, socially and spiritually

Last Saturday, 21st February I attended a meeting in San Fernando where I was invited to tell those gathered something about the history with which I have been linked to, within this province and also how Esperanza came about and its objectives and work. A similar situation arose the following evening in the rural area of Maquito at their Sunday services.
During the past week, together with Edgardo Mulki, the son of a dear friend from the days of our youth, we had discussions with the Pastor of a church on the outskirts of the provincial Capital who also has initiated meetings for children and adults in the rural area called Canal San Martin because such a canal runs along that area. The interesting aspect about this Pastor life is that he has never received any education yet he learnt to read the Bible and in reading it became a Christian and we are now seeking ways in which we may be able to help him in developing this work to which he is truly committed.

Also this week I met with a married couple and the sister of the wife to talk and to advise them on how to proceed from the very word go to a project they wish to develop in a very poor area of this provincial Capital where many children suffer from hunger and the basic necessities of life.

This past week I also met with Oscar D’Alesandro, Head of the Boarding School in the village of Brea Pozo, to discuss their needs of air conditioning/heaters for both the boys and the girls dormitories. It would be ideal to obtain brand new double action units for each of these rooms but current costs may actually prevent this and hence the only option would be good reconditioned units however, these may either provide air cooling facilities or actual heating itself and not the dual effect which would likely be more efficient. We left it that Oscar would further investigate what may be available and at what price plus I also informed Jorge of this rather important issue and await the outcome.

Last evening whilst dining with some friends I heard about the further developments and improvements that are seriously being considered at the Colegio Alfredo Furniss here in the Capital of Santiago del Estero which started as a Mothers & Toddlers Group more than 30 years ago and has become a prime private school providing Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary education to around 1400 pupils. The Esperanza Trust has had quite a historical involvement so far with this development. They also would like to develop some time in the future, in a rural zone not too distant from the Capital itself, a sort of educational retreat centre for around 100 children also as an educational establishment but these at the moment are simply dreams which need considerably much more thought.

This past Thursday with David, my son, and his family we visited the home of Jay and Jan Cook missionaries from Florida, USA who have been working throughout this province for some 11 years. Two of their children are back in the States at university and the remaining two travel there this coming June also to further their studies in their home country. Jay as well as preaching and teaching has been actively involved in seeking to find potable water in many areas of the province as much of the available water below ground is filthy and contains arsenic which is very dangerous if consumed. The Cooks are a wonderful and loving family and I greatly appreciate their friendship and fellowship.

It is Saturday, 28th February and tonight I shall be attending the service in Avenida Moreno and tomorrow will be at the Calle Salta service in the morning and later in the day go to the town of Beltran with Jorge Salum, our legal representative in this country, to an evening service and also meet with a good number of people in that area.

This coming Monday I hope to attend the official opening event of the new School Year 2015 at the Colegio Alfredo Furniss at 8.30a.m. and then at siesta time, 2.30p.m., a similar event at a State School, called the Juan Domingo Peron School. These are local times!

On Tuesday, 3rd March at 19.15 hours local time I start Stage 1 of my homeward journey, a 12-hour overnight journey to Buenos Aires by coach, will then stay there for one day/night before catching the British Airways flight home on Thursday, 5th March and arriving early morning the next day at Heathrow

It has been, as I said at the beginning of this final Blog, an interesting, productive and good visit but in the end it will be good to be home again to the life to which I am more accustomed!!

I’m sorry this final Blog lacks pictures, and is because I have written it using my iPad as the computer which I had been using got infected by a virus and wiped out a great deal of information held not only by me but also belonging to our Rep. Jorge and currently, that computer is with an electronics doctor!!

I close thanking everyone who has taken the trouble to read my weekly contributions and rantings and hope you may have found something interesting in what has been “penned.” There is so much more that I could have written but refrained from doing so to avoid the boredom syndrome on my readers!!!! Chau and Best Wishes.


  • Good to keep up with Esperanza news and forward thinking-and remember a very good visit some years back.

  • Rodney, thank you for this final blog with so much information and reasons to give thanks, but also projects to keep very much in our prayers. So glad that you are back home safely, God very much held you in the palm of HIs almighty hand on this trip. We look forward to promoting an awareness of the vital work of The Esperanza Trust and supporting the on going mission out in SdE. Hopefully the “normal rhythm of life” will return soon!

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