Well, I’m coming up to the end of my second week here in Santiago del Estero and what are my reactions so far?

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Shall I talk about the weather? or is that a subject only for the Brits?? I cannot write about my stay here without saying a few words about what it has been like weatherwise!! In the past 2 weeks it has rained three times and when it does, it really comes down!! The action usually starts with great flashes of lightning and mighty roars of thunder, then strong winds follow and finally very heavy rain. However, after all this fuss not many hours later the sun is shining again in a clear blue sky and then what happens? Quite simply, you feel your clothes beginning to stick to you due, as you walk the streets or even remain in rooms without air conditioning, to the high humidity which has arisen!!!! Otherwise, in the mornings around 8.00 a.m. the temperature is generally around the 31 degrees which gradually creeps up to the 40 degree level by around midday. Nevertheless, as one walks about the heat becomes overpowering due to it being reflected from buildings and roads. The best thing to do is to look for shaded areas as one walks the streets of this city or simply call in at one of local restaurants for a really chilled cerveza!!! But I’m pleased to say that I am surviving the heat and somewhat getting used to it!!! I must also add that the mosquitoes like the taste of my blood!!!!

Let me change the subject from weather to eating habits!!! It is very hard to decline the many invitations I receive either to lunch or dinner. But in accepting I always ask for a light meal however, it seems the good folk here don’t know what that means!!! You get offered a wide variety of dishes and even though each time I request a small portion, what is actually passed to me is generally a large plate piled to its edges. For this reason many of my lunch time meals take place with Jorge at his apartment where we can eat light and healthier foods. For example, my lunch yesterday consisted of half a water melon, 2 peaches and 1 large juicy plum. Ain’t I good, even though I say it!!!!

Work engagements via Esperanza have been varied and mostly informal so far because schools are still on holiday and a number of local people with whom I normally mix as well as having discussions with them are away from the area on their holidays. But I have had some preliminary useful discussions about school scholarships with those who have the responsibilty at these establishments and have visited various places in and around the province. For example last Saturday night I was invited to the 15th Birthday celebrations of one of the daughters of a very good friend which supposedly was to start at 10.30 p.m. but did not get off the ground until 12.30 a.m., a common practice here however, Jorge and I had to leave the occasion at 2.30 a.m. as we had an early start on the Sunday to travel to Cuyoj for their 9.30 a.m. morning service. Later that day, we were at Zanjon for their afternoon Communion service and following that we went to the Calle Salta Church for the evening service.

During the past week I also joined David, Mariel and family to celebrate Rebekah’s, my grandaughter, 16th Birthday at a restaurant here in the centre of the city and then we walked around the corner to another venue where we enjoyed a delightful postre (dessert) of ice cream. By the way, this latter venue was the original site where Alfred Furniss, my grandfather, established his first evangelical church in this province in the year 1907.

There is much more I could add but will leave this to another occasion so in conclusion, I attach a selection of photos taken during past days of my stay here. The photos show a group of friends with whom I dined, two pics of the Calle Salta Church and Colegio Alfredo Furniss, at the 15th Birthday celebrations and finally a group at the Zanjon meeting.

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  • I love reading your news Rodney. I don’t hanker after the temperatures but the food is something I would be very happy to be reunited with! Glad to read of your healthy fruit diet! Do give our love to David, Mariel and all the family. x

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