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Hellloooooo! Grabbing some internet while I can! Got back from clodo laat night, after taking the americans to the bus station. Cant telll you how much I enjoyed my week – such a blessing and honour and privilege to be there and share with them in their work. Such a wonderful wonderful week. I met some great people – friends for life. Honestly cant explain how much it touched me. I felt the most at home there that ive felt this whole trip! And listen to this -I MET WOMEN WHO KNEW ALFREDO FURNISS! They are in their 80s, their mother went to the original church in santiago that he founded and was converted, when she married she moved to clodo and he came out on his bike to help them start a church. he visited them in their house and she remembers being 7 and everyone in their house praying…..the church was started out in a barrio area – it only moved to the town centre in 2011…..but the cool thing is it moved to that building where that woman lived. ….so I was where alfredo was! Im planning to take you to chat with the women, they’re wonderful – wanted to know if nana bennett was still alive and told me I resembled don bennett and showed me a pic of them and their mum and alfredo with the church, and told me they would blow it up bigger for when I next came. Sorry for the thought garble but theres so much I cant tell all at once, and I dont have much time! The work we did was great -the nurses were so compassionate. I helped translate here and there – the coolest thing was translating the gospel message for the kids when the pe teacher shared it with them! The americans were lovely and so encouraging – they told me they were inspired by my story and courage and faith to come out here on my own, and they gave us beautiful gifts for translating – a silver cross necklace, a journal, waterbottle, and they paid us 550 pesos…..I couldnt take it, I gifted it to the church. And the church gave me a beautiful woven bag and wee pen holder….far too much! So kind and generous – just the BEST TIME! GOD IS GOOD. I knew that would be the case if I went. Sorry I couldnt get in conact sooner. I believe you were in contact with lucia. Wouldnyou be able to send me the original furniss photos that you have, fabian the pastor would like them?

It was felippes birthday party today so that was nice, then tomorrow we’re hopefully going to a big craft touristy market thats on at the minute….then next week is the church camp……not stopping. Apparently alfredos death anniversary on Thursday, not sure ill be able to get to the grave though, depends on the camp. Much love to all, muchos besos! Keep an eye out for photos!

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